Aruba has attractions for both young and old. Visit old ruins, pet an ostrich or go spelunking – all these activities and more are possible on the beautiful island of Aruba.



Originally the old family home of well-known local World War II hero Boy Ecury, the Archeological Museum of Aruba opened its doors in 1981 and has been dedicated to educating guests on the island’s rich culture and history ever since. Extensively renovated in 2009, the museum’s interactive activities and attractions bring Aruba’s culture to life in a way that resonates with children and adults alike. The modern two-story building houses the areas devoted to Amerindian culture and archaeological finds from various digs around Aruba. The three periods of Amerindian habitation are documented: Pre-Ceramic period of 2500 BC – 1000 AD when semi-nomadic bands of Amerindians migrated from the South or Central American mainland; Ceramic Period of the Caquetio Indians, the hunters-fishers-gatherers who inhabited Aruba from 900 –1515 AD until enslaved and taken to Hispaniola; and the Historic Period from 1515 – 1880 AD.


Although Africa is the native land of the ostrich, the intriguing birds find Aruba’s rugged landscape the perfect place to call home. Given every half hour, guided tours provide memorable experiences, educating guests on the mating, rearing, and feeding habits of the largest living bird species in the world.


With some 236 registered species of birds—locals and visitors are captivated with “birding” opportunities. The observation deck is the perfect spot for parents and their children to see herons, egrets, gulls, skimmers, coots, cormorants, numerous species of ducks and more up close. The dirt road entrance is located across from the big red windmill by the high-rise entrance.


Located at Palm Beach across from the Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort, the Butterfly Farm is a wondrous tropical garden filled with butterflies from around the globe. Children delight as they discover the miracle of metamorphosis firsthand – especially in the morning hours when the most activity occurs – witnessing new butterflies emerging from their chrysalis and taking flight for the first time. Passionate butterfly experts provide 15 to 20 minute guided tours all day every day, revealing secrets of this fascinating species.


Families who want to take a break from the bustling beaches of Palm Beach, but still want to soak up the sun, often opt for a day trip to Aruba’s only all-inclusive destination, De Palm Island. Providing exclusive island access and a perfect dose of action, visitors can plunge into island activities including SNUBA, Sea Trek Underwater Helmet Walk, snorkeling, banana boat rides, the water park, or the all-new zip line.

Adults kick back in a lounge chair on the island’s private beach or relax with a massage overlooking the Caribbean Sea, while kids splash around in the water park or indulge in De Palm Island’s unlimited food and beverage offerings.


The non-profit donkey sanctuary feeds and provides medical care to approximately 90 endangered animals. Families can stop by to help with the daily chores of feeding and caring for the donkeys – a great educational experience for children.


This unique, inflatable water park, located just off of Surfside Beach, provides lots of fun for the whole family. The jungle gym of floating tracks and obstacles is a fantastic way to enjoy the calm, clear waters of the Caribbean.