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Burgundy is France’s richest province, historically, culturally, and gastronomically. The region’s fine wines have inspired awe for centuries, and every year the historic town of Beaune hosts one of the…

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The Loire Valley

Renowned for its sumptuous châteaux, the relics of royal days gone by, the glorious valley of the Loire is rich in both history and architecture. As the Loire runs through…

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Northern France

Northern France’s main sights span thousands of years of history, from the awesome megaliths of Carnac, through the 18th-century grandeur of Nancy’s town architecture, to Strasbourg’s futuristic Palais de l’Europe,…

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Paris is a city of more than two million people, and has been the economic, political, and artistic hub of France since Roman times. During the medieval and Renaissance periods,…

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South of France

The south is France’s most popular holiday region, drawing millions of visitors each year to the resorts of the Riviera and the Côte d’Azur, and to the vivid landscape and…

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Southwest France

The southwest of France is all about farming – green and peaceful land where crops from sunflowers to walnuts thrive. Key products from this area include forest timber, Bordeaux wines,…

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