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The nine-island archipelago of the Azores is one of the most glittering jewels in Portugal’s crown. Among others, its highlights include Sete Cidades lake (on São Miguel), Europe’s most westerly…

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A land of sleepy stone villages and hill-top castles, central Portugal provides a natural link between the cool, green meadows of the north and the hot, dry pastures of the…

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Affordable prices and an alluring combination of sunny skies, glorious architecture, deep-rooted traditions, and thoroughly modern flair have made Lisbon into a top destination for travelers. Record numbers of cruise…

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Affectionately known as the Atlantic’s ‘floating garden’, Madeira has been popular for centuries, first for its wine and now as an upmarket tourist destination. Sightseeing highlights include Cabo Girão (one…

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Arguably the most picturesque part of the country, northern Portugal is a verdant land of old castles and charming medieval villages. Highlights include the lush, green Minho region, and lesser-known…

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The beautiful southern region of Portugal needs no introduction. It has been attracting visitors since the time of the Phoenicians. Famous for its warm weather and golden beaches, the Algarve…

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