Petite Martinique

Petite Martinique is a dependency of Grenada. It is 2½ miles away from Carriacou. With its 586 acres and a population of 900, it is smaller than Carriacou. The residents of this island live by boat-building, fishing, and seafaring.

The first European founder of the island of Petite Martinique was a French fisherman called Mr. Pierre from Martinique. In the early 1700s, Mr. Pierre, left his home island of Martinique in search for new fertile lands to plant his crops. The island was owned by him and his wife (‘Madame Pierre’), their children, and their slaves. Hence, the largest village was named Madame Pierre after the wife of the French owner. It is thought that he figured that the isle was shaped roughly like Martinique so he named it Petite (little) Martinique.