The value of travel advisors

When booking a vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon, the last thing a traveler should have to do is worry. This is especially true right now. People who booked travel on their own are spending hours on the phone with travel companies trying to re-book or cancel their trips. Those who booked with a travel advisor don’t have to worry. There are many reasons to book with a travel advisor.

Travel advisors save you money

Travel professionals have access to exclusive discount codes and promotions through their suppliers. They often can save their clients an additional amount or provide them with a dining or spa credit that wouldn’t be available when booking through an online booking engine.

Travel advisors save you time

Surveys show customers spend an average of 44 hours searching online before booking a vacation. Travel advisors save you time by listening to your needs. Travel advisors create custom itineraries, pulling together flights, transfers, accommodations, tours, visits, meals, and exclusive visits based on your preferences—so you can spend your time on other things.

Travel advisors don’t charge hidden fees

How often have you clicked on a vacation price online thinking you would be getting a great deal, only to find out the actual cost of the trip was much higher? Don’t let the extra fees surprise you. A travel advisor will give you a detailed breakdown of all costs before you book.

Travel advisors advocate on your behalf

When you use a travel booking engine, you are taking a great risk. If for any reason a vacation needs canceling, you often don’t have any recourse. Travel advisors, on the other hand, have direct access to the travel vendors and can often advocate for you and help make alternate plans in the event your hard-earned vacation is canceled for any reason.

Travel advisors provide individualized attention

Online booking engines provide a one-size-fits-all service. Travel advisors, on the other hand, tailor their services to their clients’ individual needs. Have concerns? They’ll talk you through them. Need a hotel that can cater to your allergies? A travel advisor can speak to hotel managers to make sure it’s taken care of.

Travel advisors are real people and they are available when you need them

Most travel advisors are ready to assist their clients during emergencies. They’re there with you throughout the booking process and follow up afterward. Have you ever tried contacting customer service for an online travel booking engine?

Travel advisors are specialists

Agents have a personal understanding of your interests and insight into specific destinations and segments of travel, like LGBT or destination weddings. A good travel agent spends time getting to know the customer and does the research to offer you the best options for your needs.

Travel advisors are invaluable

If there’s any silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that more travelers will recognize that professional travel advisors are worth their weight in gold.