Requirements for Cruising Today

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As you think back to 2020, chances are you’re breathing a sigh of relief to no longer be living in “unprecedented times.” Somewhere between hoarding toilet paper and getting really into houseplants, you probably also remember the cruise industry was making waves — or rather, was trying to navigate choppy waters. There’s change on the horizon as some cruise lines are making changes to their vaccine and testing requirements. Keep reading to learn more and when in doubt, contact a travel agent who can keep you informed of the latest requirements.

While COVID-19 hit the cruise industry hard, like all of us, they adapted just as quickly. With a laser-like focus on air quality, testing and mask mandates, cruises sought to transform their ships into floating “bubbles” of healthy precaution. Reduced capacity and port visits added up to be an entirely new way of embarking on a cruise. But, with precedent — and vaccines — comes an entirely new chapter of life.

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The State of Cruising Today

Getting around isn’t quite as simple as the before-times; “guidance” is the new normal, and it’s different depending on who you ask. As the CDC changes its standards regarding COVID, each cruise line is taking its own stance to ensure the health and safety of their guests. For example: Royal Caribbean’s vaccination requirement, pre-cruise testing and pre-boarding health questionnaire all help ensure minimized risk and maximized peace of mind. Likewise, Princess Cruises precautions check off many of the same boxes — in fact, just about every cruise line has something similar. Safety and comfort are simply industry standards.

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Our travel experts are up to date on all of the latest travel requirements

Things Change … Stay One Step Ahead

It sounds simple, but the pace of change can be shocking. Keeping up to date with the latest guidance from the CDC or each specific cruise line is a frantic undertaking — not to even mention keeping up to date with the ever-evolving policies of the countries whose ports you’re planning to visit. Added up, it’s a full-time job … but it doesn’t need to be your job when planning a vacation.

Travel advisors do far more than simply book your trip; they’re your liaison to the entirety of the outside world. Whether it’s COVID guidance, weather reports, new cruise ships or new resorts, you can rest easy knowing your travel professional is hard at work making sure you never have to spend a second worrying about what-ifs. All that’s left for you to do is kick back, relax and let the professionals handle the nitty-gritty of your vacation.

– By Justin Gibson